Monday, September 28, 2015

Sep-Oct Ramp-Up 07 2001-2025

28-Sep 08:10 Monday

2001 Fat chips, a soft-boiled egg, beans
2003 We need to slow down, think, gather our strength 
2004 Crippled
2005 The Tell-Tale Secretions of the Sick Mind

2006  On Sundays, all walking the lake in their best
2007 Hamster, Microwave
2008 You've Got Mail
2009 I have a small problem here
2010 The earth from above, the sweep of light over clouds

2011 As cold as a referee's heart
2012 The way long, lonely and desperate
2013 Montreux
2014 The Miracle of Death
2015 Crystal

2016 Cities Burning, the Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth
2017 Rice Pudding
2018 A quiet gathering of compromisers
2019 Dixon of Dock Green
2020 A Thousand Blessings, Effendi!

2021 Charging for Plastic, the Great Fight Back Begins
2022 OTIS
2023 When sex-bots go wrong
2024 The moment we emerge into light
2025 A Valleys Life of Quiet Degeneration

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