Monday, September 21, 2015

Some News

Update on Me

I have been away in Malaysia and Australia, returned with an infected ruptured ear-drum and almost complete deafness in one ear, poor hearing in the other.

The antibiotics upset me too, and the last thing I've wanted to do is write. However, October is another blast so I started "ramping up" Sunday 20 September. No doubt the next ten days will be erratic, but I should be ready to blast and (hopefully) not feeling sick, in pain and jet-lagged.

Boot Camp Blast Update

Boot Camp has had 2-3 successful "Blasts" this year and we are holding another in October but pushing on towards the year-end trying to create a lot of drafts and submittable work.

It remains the case that almost without fail, the work which goes on to win prizes is the work written, not carefully, meticulously, over weeks, but work "blasted out" and then edited (often minimally).

I believe in deep thinking, theory, argument, criticism BETWEEN stories, but that we must WRITE DRUNK, let go, "care less" and Just Do It!

The prizes that keep mounting suggest this is a good way to work!

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