Wednesday, September 23, 2015

And More...

Sep-Oct Ramp-Up 03 1901-1925

 23-Sep 09:10 Wednesday

1901 For each of us, this is the last migration
1902 TANK
1903 This is important, but I don't know why
1904 Snakes
1905 There was a fire in my head, lights, steam

1906 Her name was Angelina and she only ever wore white
1907 BLOCK
1908 The rain began while we were sleeping
1909 EGG
1910 I feel myself stronger as my limbs fade away

1911 I was five and he was six, you know...
1912 Monumental
1913 Eggs to steal, flour to find
1914 We need ladders; I have rungs
1915 Sweet the dull sounds of evening falling

1916 Lilac Rising
1917 I will hide on a small island until people forget me
1918 Poem by an Old Seaman
1919 The Art of Hospice
1920 A man called Drake sleeps below

1921 TRAP
1922 Four in the morning, Christmas Eve
1923 Eleven ways to dilute hope
1924 She is plump enough for a farmer's bride
1925 1918

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