Monday, May 04, 2015

Mayhem Prompts 007

Mayhem Prompts 007


04-May 11:35

1751 He may have been great. He was still a bastard.
1752 I wonder about my father's desires
1753 Like passers-by on a wild, windy night.
1754 How these windows glow
1755 Once I told you of my dreams

1756 The darkness deep in the forest
1757 The C-Word, obviously
1758 The less I say, the better
1759 How hate should be released slowly
1760 Trying every kind of tea except the stuff that tastes like shit

1761 The intricacies of a dry-stone wall
1762 Blood, feathers, the stink of dying
1763 The rumour is more or less verified
1765 I need a reason to go out

1766  Poems About Bears
1768 Fiddler
1769 My incomprehension takes years of dedication
1770 Let's go to an island

1771 Cleaning Out the Spare Room
1772 SOCK
1773 The outside sound of throbbing diesel 
1775 Just for the exercise, imagine me with a soul

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