Saturday, May 02, 2015

Mayhem Prompts 006

Mayhem Prompts 006 
02-May 08:30
1726 Learning to Like Green Tea
1727 Tram
1728 PLAY The Birdie Song on repeat, listen four times then write white screen
1729 She probably deserved it
1730 The Selfish Gene Wears a Blue Tie
1731 Negotiating with ex-wives
1732 Ping-Pong
1733 I am making things square
1734 Some seek out thorns
1735 Do you remember, how in the past ...
1736 Yesterday I ran a mile
1737 Low fat something or other
1738 Going forward, with my sister, towards my father's body
1739 Jesus Loves You, but doesn't give a fuck about me
1740 Learning to make dragons 
1741 You cannot always see the blossom
1742 Now University costs £19,000 per term...
1744 The Unnecessary Existence of Gravity
1745 The Solution to Pollution is Dilution
1746 I will learn to live without you
1747 If I could rise from here I would smite you down
1748 BLACK
1749 I hope to come back as a parasite
1750 Various Incidents Concerning My Penis

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