Friday, October 24, 2014

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 33 (24-10) 08:22

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 33 (24-10) 08:22

 773 Near Reilly's Tavern
774 Easy to draw but hard to earn
775 A baby's funeral following
776 Bales of cotton and chests of tea
777 Warehouses, business establishments
778 A wall covered in pin-up girls

779 Cheese sandwiches and sweet tea
780 War maps, buttonholes, maps &c
781 A small light above the piano
782 9/10 of the boys prostituting are in no way homosexual
783 Three Armenians came to the show
784 It pays for their day-time mistresses

785 God above and human baseness below
786 Bacon factors, coffee roasters, merchants
787 Wax faces entirely without expression
788 Bottled bath-water
789 A picture of Oscar Wilde
780 I wonder what they made of it all

781 A dirty little bookshop off Fleet Street
782 Four guns, we dispatched 700 rabbits
783 The gulls above London Bridge, the stevedores below
784 Afterwards, solemn, they shook our hands and left
785 My parents are playing cards
786 A street stall selling popular literature

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