Saturday, October 04, 2014

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 13 (03-10) 09:15

293 Not far from the highway in Cranton, Pennsylvania
294 It's just the way I do it, sorry
295 Sharing stew with the dogs
296 At night, he changes, showers, then puts on his dress
297 Use my name
298 Too ashamed to snore, not sleeping
299 Why is the horse beautiful, the zebra somehow obscene?
300 I would but it's raining
301 The Lion Queen
302 Feminism Fatigue
303 The last memories should be of love
304 I only see sadness when I look into your face
305A screech of "sits"
306 The mud, the mud, the mud
307 Of course, it's mine, I know that
308 They will remove your eyelids, cut off your toes
309 The town has fallen
310 We could be cows
311 My dog is conspiring. The cat makes him do it
312 I drove beneath the limit, trying to stay with her a little longer
313 In an Italian restaurant in Windsor
314 When pizza was still special
315 She fired and went to the bathroom
316 It's sweet, soft, and quite deadly
317 Sweeping time into a corner, vacuuming it up 

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