Friday, October 03, 2014

Blast 07: Being Frank

Being Frank

Some things don't come with endings, some things come back 
On themselves, some peter out. Maybe you’re a Mobius strip?

Get up, get dressed, take another shot at it. You will feel better after.
There are, of course, other alternatives: become a river, sky, tree or

Stay in bed, get up tomorrow. Maybe. We can't do everything. Try
An unread book. Grow bonsai, learn to spell difficult words.

Consider the philosophy of waste disposal, join the Open University. Ask 
Yourself, “Is anything as pointless as a four-hundred year-old turtle?”

Now consider your answer if you were a turtle 
(Or liked very old meat.)

What is the point of grapes, rotting on the vine? 
Have you tasted beerenauslese?

You ever wonder what was Wittgenstein's idea of a good night out?
Ever looked at a clitoris?

Anyway, Frank, we are thinking of trying freedom, the rest of us, but, hey, 
You want to stay in bed, stay in bed. You’re tired, we get it.

Ok, this is unfinished, but the wall won’t be there forever, Frank. 
It won’t always be jackboots. There will be days full of light and music.

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