Thursday, October 09, 2014

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 23 (09-10) 08:00

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 23 (09-10) 08:00

 525 The day winds down
526 I think of summer girls, most ruined
527 Toffee Apple
528 The scab-kneed children with the mothers
529 And tea in bottles, the men already gone
530 On promenades expecting, expecting

531 To betting shops and dirty bars
532 It is so short a season, a short, uncertain life
533 Porthcawl, Tenby, Barry
534 The pulse of it, the pointlessness
535 No on considers dying when they are saying out
536 How the sand gets into everything, the hats

537 Printers' Apprentices, Girls in Accounts
538 Gulls crashing, dresses thighed
539 Vinegar on the fingers, petticoats
560 Sons of steel-workers, a rag and bone boy
561 The sea dubious at the best of times
562 Roar!
563 Dodgems, Haunted Houses, The Caterpillar

564 Walking as far as the cliffs
565 Watching clocks, calling to a friend
566 Time sucked from me, snippets, air
567 The weight and pull of sand, deckchairs, ankles
568 How the gap was so small, between child and man
569 And the girls, the girls, the girls!

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