Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wednesday Prompts

Like something has started dancing on your desk

This is the third time this week

Let me take you through it again

Your hair is wet, your eyes

Why not be a surgeon?

I'm building a seven-sided cube

There is someone, something, in the ditch

Tongue and Teeth

Stones scatter themselves, the wind rests then moves on

There are voices, ripples on the night

Faster and Faster. Faster!

Years ago when I was not old enough, I never thought I would be too old


We are walking to the North end

Nine out of ten humans when asked prefer

If I knew how, I would do this delicately

They are manning the barricades, the ditches

Somewhere, a woman is singing

No THIS is clutter


Life spared him. The others were lucky.

It is time to read out the charges

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Alex Keegan said...

I have had a flash sent to this blog but it's anonymous

(1) I won't publish anything anonymous

(2) If you post on here it's then unpublishable in a magazine or zine