Friday, February 13, 2009

Evening Friday 13th Prompts 19:30


1 April usually comes after March
2 I was in a word-crash, horrible, squashed vowels, dead consonants
3 The sound of a stringless cello at midnight
4 So I just sort of grin
5 Like two cats fighting in a sack
6 Flow
7 It keeps pinging, pinging, pinging!
8 I doff my hat to you, Sir
9 6d a cow, twenty pigs for 2/6d
T The smell of burgers in the square

1 Fried Fingers
2 Here is a head, at least that’s our best bet
3 He uses the word “Islamisation”
4 Gathering together where there used to be churches
5 Something for the weekend, Sir?
6 In the palms of my sticky, sticky hands
7 Jeremy-Jeremy has a girlfriend
8 You could be right but you’re not
9 Noon, and something strange is happening
T What I’m trying to say is fuck off

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