Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday 07:40 Prompts for REAL WRITERS

I have Many Daughters

One Autumn Evening

And then, three times, it was denied

The Affair of the Clasps

Five went out, and they were laughing

Creatures That Once Were Men

We will bear it, without shame


He walked in the snow and left no mark


Sheep's Head Soup

Twenty-Six Men and a Girl

Out there, a crack, and then the noise fading


He saluted, shook his head, smiled and took the gun

Birth of a Man

My Mother, Dad, going to the Dogs

Going Home

Penis Pendulous


The soft moon floats above the hill, a church

The Hermit

The fire is dead, the ashes chilled

The Other Road

He's not yet dead, clinging against the sea

The Golden Ass

The smell of blood and piss in alleyways

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