Friday, February 13, 2009

Prompts, Apology

There's has been an emergency planning meeting called tonight (they are threatening to build 1,500 homes on Newbury Racecourse, so I won't be around all evening as I hoped to be.

Will try to post a few blocks of prompts before that. Here is one block.


The damp corners of evning

Kitten, bed, shit

She's wearing blue again

And the evening spread out under deep red, purple

It's to do with chemical reactions

Let us go and make a visit

Here is the female fat from a diet of

The town has curled up for night

Which leads me to this question

and the slow smokes slides along the street

visions, revisions

National Murder Day

For I have known them all already

She talked out of the corner of her eyes

Then we'll begin

In dull lamplight things are crumpled where you were

And is it worth it, could it be worth it?

Someone is pissing my life, me, against a dirty wall

Cups and Saucers

They used to cut cheese with wire, just for my mother


After the books, the poems, the dried up glasses

I shall wear my sleeves rolled up, a hankie on my head

This is a small flood only

He who has keeps. He who has not envies.

This is what they mean to me, my friends

What does a violin do in its case?

We will go on drinking tea.

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