Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More Prompts and a Challenge

If you are a writer and occasionally drift in here, why are you drifting? Why not take the prompts below and actually WRITE something?

Blame it on the backlash

Revolving doors

Think about the chemistry of dying, of ooze

Wordless, wingless

Oranges and some peanuts

I don't think I'm living any more

I remember sunshine, grass, and books and dreams


Something sizzles

He has risen in my estimation

six billion and eight

Men are returning to their women

They said, "Do you accept the punishment?" and I said, "No."

Lovers, Lobster

Last night above the snow, the light was wrong

Mine is a small life, of small things, and smaller dreams

Beer makes me sleep

A donkey, a piano, an old church organ

She kept wasps alive for years in a thing around her neck

The 94 Bus

Various reflections on the male erection

My father was not a forest

The finger means what, exactly?

What matters is not what "matters", mattering is deeper

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