Sunday, December 25, 2005

Xmas Day Walk

And the "addicted-to-the-web" writer escapes to his computer long enough to scribble in his blog.

Went out for a walk, away from Newbury Racecourse, past the nearby gravel pits


and to "The Nature Reserve".


The Nature reserve is what was once called a WOOD. That is they didn't need to protect places like this fifty years ago.

This Nature Reserve has TREES, and BUSHES and GRASS and MUD. Some of the trees are made of real wood, and are actually GROWING.

The only flower we found. Bridie and Toby both say they took this one.

I took the camera but the light was lousy actually IN the woods and without a tripod we had loads of shots spoiled by camera shake. Nevertheless of 208 photos taken, 100 are OK, 30 are not bad at all and there are half a dozen good ones.

Thank God for digital cameras.


Bridie, my beautiful, intelligent, lovely daughter.

Don't ask how an ugly old git like me managed to produce her. That's one of God's mysteries

Then I discovered Flickr, signed up and can start banging the better photos up there. (Very Cool!) As soon as I know how, I can start adding these to the blog.

Debbie About to escape

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Alex Keegan said...

I am forever mixing up, Toby, PJ, Colin, Oliver never mind exes!

Have a good New Year um, Toby, is it?

Alex (AKA "Dad")