Saturday, December 31, 2005

Why Not Flash, Gordon?

2006 continues to ramp up (but why am I expecting tomorrow to be VERY quiet?)

4 Stories and 16 Flashes, already. 32 Subs, 3 Competition hits.
Not bad for ticking over!

We emailed a few this morning and tried to get a flash session going with non Boot-Campers but I figure everybody was out buying their 42-inch HD-Ready Plasma screens at the sales.

But we DID get three flashers who responded to this:

The Genius of the Roadsweeper
Playing Away
Machiavellis Three Weaknesses
James and the Giant Penis
Why Lexie Fox Can't Do Flashes
Forty Things Not to Blog
A story beginning: "The choice is

Blank Screen Prompt
Start a poem, say a iambic pentameter, rhyming, get two lines (screen on) then switch the screen off and write for at least half an hour. if you get lost just press carriage return and continue. NEVER look. If you can't turn your screen off, then select all and set font colour to white

We had three flashes in with an average score of 108 (quite high for flashes) and two of them look publishable after a couple of minor tweaks. I don't think mine was a story. I was just flexing my writing muscles.

But for those interested, a set of prompt will be posted at 6PM this evening UK time (it's 12:37 UK time now) and all are welcome.


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