Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Tuesday November 10, 2020


01 The rocking chair creaking, like a B-movie in Savannah

02 Yes, character matters

02 Keep Calm and stop being calm.


05 “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday…”



06 We are at a crosswords.

07 Nerves and arteries, and veins and nervelets.

08 This is my Birthday Gun

09 As the lady said: See what there is to see

10 There’s a man who feeds raccoons



11 He was as big as a fridge, and dead cold inside.

12 I call this my kill-collection

13 After, we lie in the dark seeing different things


15 When there’s a noise in the attic, dial 911 and RUN!



16 If in doubt, dance. If you can’t dance, sing

17 What is the opposite of a clash of egos?

18 I coulda been the best buddy of a contenda!

19 Read more carefully!

20 You make having a nap sound like a disease



21 Think of life as an Air b’n’b. Make sense now?

22 Primroses, bunnies, clear rivers

23 You have stage four Arsehole Syndrome

24 It’s OK to die

25 Well it’s not for everybody!

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