Saturday, November 14, 2020

 Saturday 14th November, 07:30

King Charles Day



01 Tape me up. It will do for now
02 Bananas just LOOK poisonous
03 I am the dream-crusher
04 Three wheels on my wagon
05 The hollow ghosts once lovers

06 Imagine living with me, my dark cellars
07 Merry-go-Square
08 He wobbles, mentions “another”
09 Cupid, however you cut it, was a sniper
10 A notebook full of screams

11 Some people always leave by the back door
12 I have a squirrel in my pocket
14 Why not a joyous list, why?
15 I kept the hand, only the hand. And a toe

16 I dreamt I was in bed with Blair, the horror, the horror!
17 Begin with why, then dream, but sometime, THINK
18 I am mainlining Biscoff Crunchy
19 I am offended that you are offended
20 My mother left upon a ship

21 We wash our dishes in blood
22 If they blow up the cafe, we’ll eat alfresco
23 If we are all sick, what is “sick”?
24 I think her name was Christine
25 Eat, become me.

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