Thursday, November 26, 2020

 Thursday, November 26th.

PROMPTS at 09:59


01 Famous and from Skegness? Really?
02 Ruins once were pride forever
03 Dirty Water
04 Lids, Sticks, Joe Loss
05 I am sort of dying, nearly sort of dead

06 Frogs in trees, snakes, thorns
07 May we live in quiet times, no numbers added
08 I am too dark
09 He might have been a writer but was far too happy
10 The road thinks it’s beaten the grass

11 I dreamt you kissed me on the eyes
12 Charing Cross, Paddington Unhappy
13 When rhymes first touched me
14 Jesus Price.
15 The husband, all four sons. The woman.

16 Jesus! Were you born in a barn?
17 This door is alarmed
18 A dancer inside every clod, screaming!
19 Soon we were all singing
20 Buy a poppy, or save a puppy?

21 A fling of booty is a temporary joy
22 Rainbow, Kingfisher.
23 The things down the back of the sofa
24 The gritty things in my pocket
25 Irish Stew - In the Name of the Law!

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