Friday, November 13, 2020

 Friday 13th, dah-dah-dahdurrr


01 I should start with something sweet
02 Two hours to download
03 Riddle me this, Tweedle-dum!
04 School of Torture
05 My wound is extreme, your cure is obscene
06 Today’s rain sounds malevolent
07 After I die I will film the body
08 In the bowelly kitchens of The Reform Club
09 The blood is amazingly realistic
10 Too many mice on the desk
11 A year more with love, or three decades empty?
12 He plays the concertina in the nude
13 That shower blood? Chocolate!
14 New sheets, new pillows! A too-large bed
15 I once owned pyjamas, a dressing gown
16 He plays a no-string guitar at funerals, accompanied by a mute singer
17 I am a little drunk but not 911-drunk
18 Rum ‘n Raisin ice cream, with the raisins, and ice-cream
19 Ten thousand pounds of steel wool
20 Once upon a time, a LONG time ago, there was a nasty orange man…
21 How many actors to act an empty room?
22 Illegals, undocumented, everyone black
23 About 49 minutes remaining
24 The gunpowder turned the girls yellow
25 How do they KNOW life isn’t a rehearsal?

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