Tuesday, April 12, 2016

March Prompts 7101-7125

Tuesday, April 12th, 01:45

7101 We met at an ancient inn on the forest’s edge
7102 A shoe.
7103 The smell of earth uncovered
7104 When I nod my head, hit it.
7105 As the light flashes upon the river

7106 John Brown, eighty-eight, murderer
7107 Would Sir like his porridge?
7108 How nice we still meet and pretend not to hate each other
7109 I have known you too long, too well
7110 This is the field, this is the wind, this is the bending corn

7111 The elephant is a funny bird
7112 GRASS
7113 All those with itchy arses raise your hands
7114 Tell me about the buildings that were here
7115 Sometimes it is better to just be quiet

7116 Thirty-three Kilograms in 9 months
7117 The houses with gardens that ran into the river
7118 I could not be there so I sent a smile
7119 I don’t believe in ghosts: have seen three.
7120 I will speak slowly, as if important

7121 The man I killed is now my friend
7122 S.W.A.L.K.
7123 Priests and Other demons
7124 Ignore me. Ignore this. Ignore me saying ignore me.

7125 It is better for the widow to hammer in the nail

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