Monday, April 11, 2016

March Prompts 7076-7100

Monday, April 11th, 016:20

7076 The drums in the hills, soft, unceasing
7077 Nameless stones, forgotten messages
7078 That’s the thing with bombs
7079 The Blacksmith’s Son
7080 The Women around the fountain, the men at the well

7081 The tribes, their tents, the animals
7082 Time, Gentlemen, Please!
7083 The Dog and the dog’s dog
7084 After the Fair
7085 A Pox on the Queen of England

7086 The earth changes, dies
7087 Do not look in the mirror at night
7088 Persuade me!
7089 Uphill all the way there; uphill all the way back
7090 There is music, mother. Do you hear it?

7091 Horizontal, perpendicular, point, infinity
7092 I need something dark, something solid, a song
7093 A fine boot in the stirrup
7094 How a pair of brown eyes can undo a man
7095 I think your mother is Mad. I know you are

7096 Words tasting of brown sugar
7097 Mum, there’s a lion on the sofa
7098 Get me my fiddle, Martha!
7099 Workmanship, Craft, Art, Fine Art

7100 I will keep this soul, but will discard the body

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