Sunday, April 10, 2016

March Prompts 7051-7075

Sunday, April 10th, 07:05

7051 What the President asks of us, nothing less
7052 I am not profiting from that fund
7053 Toys, Butterflies
7054 And the hearts of those who hate
7055 Built like a tank, voice like a grenade

7056 A Zinc Bucket
7057 I am troubled by the vastness and emptiness of things
7058 Goodbye Cruel World!
7059 Say something gentle and surprise me
7060 I did not have sexual relations with that woman

7061 We are nearing the finish line
7062 A little bit of Jesus
7063 You read The Daily Mail, The Telegraph
7064 The Terrorists Counts His Bombs
7065 The paleness of your skin as the love departs

7066 When the night sky is like a shiny shell
7067 Eight ironed pillowcases
7068 We are walking on bones
7069 I try not to kill insects, people
7070 The promise of the kind lie

7071 All the world’s a revolving stage
7072 We will open the eyes of the blind
7073 March!
7074 If I ever could hear you I would ignore you

7075 The weight in my bowels

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