Sunday, April 03, 2016

March Prompts 6951-6975
Sunday, April 3rd, 23:15

6951 The banging of a shutter in the wind
6952 The various flowers in the bouquet
6953 I went there tomorrow but I hadn’t arrived
6954 Just because a man is a cobbler don’t think he understands leather
6955 So you want to be a journalist…

6956 Famine Over, I Clicked LIKE!
6957 Two Skeletons: One says, “Have you lost weight?”
6958 The hole in time
6959 Syria 2066
6960 The sound of 50 cc ‘motorbikes”

6961 I could try to fix it myself
6962 Interview in Wimbledon
6963 Here, I feel, I should interrupt and suggest another course
6964 Drip, Drip, Drip. Plop!
6965 An ancient perambulator

6966 You stopped at the end of the lane, but you didn’t turn round
6967 Chocolate Fingers
6968 I am here, all bar the insults
6969 David Cameron’s Shit and David Cameron’s Shit’s Shit
6970 Imagine me with my mind still here

6971 There is something about childhood; was it all imagined?
6972 Is he still alive or just pretending to be?
6973 You don’t hear the explosion that kills you
6974 The moon is bigger over London

6975 Dogs bark. It rains sometimes

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