Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Boot Camp January Blast

The Boot Camp January Blast

To start the new Year with a bang, a rush, we "Blast"

A Blast is an attempt to write a story/flash/poem a day (more if you can manage it)

The purpose of "Blasting" is less to do with producing publishable works
than it is to "open pipes".

However, the process of unremitting, fast writing, day upon day has a peculiar mental
effect. After 5-12 days, the brain "tunes-in" and the typical Boot Camper finds a new
literary gear. The brain and heart starts to "get it" and (usually) around this time there is 
a surge in quality.

This is a case of quantity BEGETS quality.

Flashing is about writing QUICKLY, writing without pre-thought,
about letting the sub-conscious take over. flashes often surprise the writer

If you write 31 pieces in 31 days, sure, 2-3-4-5/10 will not be great.

2 or 3 may be junk.

But a dozen will be solid enough, a tweak away from publishable

And 5-10 will be really good, at your top level or beyond it.

Alex posts a set of 25 prompts at least once a day (early morning UK time) but often posts a second or third set.

You can use one prompt, two, three, ten, or all twenty-five.

You can use them directly, word-for-word, or use them as triggers.

What triggers depends on your unconscious connections, sometimes they will be breathtaking.

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