Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dec-Jan Blast Prompt-Set 3

2015-0003 (Dec 28 2014) 09:05

0051 Why money is dirty
0052 PLUM
0053 It begins early, planes in the sky
0054 AXE
0055 A long, lazy street

0056 I think I'll go up the hill
0057 The kitchen shaking
0058 The bed not made, the room dank
0059 All day it's rained, and women are crying
0060 Brass bands but no homosexuals

0061 At the foot of the stairs
0062 That cruel, cruel month
0063 I would rather lose an arm than a leg. I would rather lose a finger.
0064 September. Sing!
0065 The train does not slow down

0066 We huddled together, not sure why
0067 Half a league, half-a-league etc
0068 THRUST!
0069 Rickety Bridge Ahead
0070 Like a wolf upon the fold

0071 I have met some at dusk, as if they were walking home
0072 I was so great a lover
0073 Let me see, take note. There was -
0074 How the fox metes death for the joy of it
0075 I tolled you so.

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