Saturday, December 27, 2014

2015-001 Prompts

2015-001 Prompts

(We always start the New Year on 26/27 Dec...)

0001 That hour I was mostly who I thought I was
0002 I'm back again, I may be back again
0003 I will be milder, and then I will disappear
0004 This woman ate something

0005 Do You Eat Pie?
0006 No, of course it wasn't expected
0007 How lucky that we ran into each other
0008 So, Ghandi, mate, what do you do in your spare time?

0009 It always seem to be uphill, the wind always in your face
0010 She removed something from her hair
0011 I would like to be Japanese for a day
0012 Don't laugh, but people in 2014 thought they were free.

0013 I'd quite like to be a patient on House, coughing blood and stuff
0014 This is what I would write if I kept a diary
0015 There are mornings when you would like to fall downstairs
0016 Mama says NO!

0017 Sex is tyranny
0018 Think of me as a grapefruit, too long left on a shelf
0019 You were slowly edged out
0020 Billy Collins is OK, but prompts he doth not make

0021 Cold Monday morning, six o'clock, November
0022 The year looks too long, too big, too dark
0023 Fuck This!
0024 Or it might be about Badgers
0025 My Wife's Lover

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