Monday, December 29, 2014

January Blast: Prompt Set 4

2015-0004 (Dec 29 2014) 09:20

0076 Two men, a tree
0077 The gladness of animals
0078 Bags of parsnips, 3 Fucking p
0079 Spike Milligan
0080 He was a hard case but she tamed him

0081 The simpler pleasures when I was young
0082 DOVE
0083 Poet and Australian 
0084 Assembled in the forum
0085 You will tell me you love me

0086 We could row out on the lake, picnic on the island
0088 Pots, Kettles, Saucepans
0089 The men are walking home
0090  The path through that wood is long since overgrown
0087 Say something dirty

0091 OMG, LOL, You WON'T believe this!!!
0092 Brownlee has fucked off
0093 She is beside herself and I prefer the other one
0094 Everyone has a favourite child
0095 Prime Minister, Pig, decent TV...

0096 You can kiss me once or twice, but don't get into the habit
0097 NAIL
0098 The annual child-cull
0099 Precious
0100 Now the saucers have landed

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