Monday, May 26, 2014


We're having another kick-ass flash blast in BC, "Starting June 1st" (Please note today's date).... If you would like to join us for free, please let me know.

Here is the first set of prompts

22:30 May 26th

The old men, how they understood

While others eat, walk, make love, sleep

The killer's child does arithmetic

Something amazing, something to remember

I sit in a seedy bar off fifty-second

Resistance to temptation is about attitude and timing

And the room searched for peace

All history does is to say, "I told you so."

There is a certain angle of light

Walking down deserted streets when the dust itself smells

A grey fog rises, licks the glass

Fifteen violins in an old church

Empty as guys, waiting to explode

I'm tired: pawn to King Four

I think of fire, how it exults as it rapes a tree

Time Gentlemen, please. I said PLEASE!

The female of the species - is more deadly than the male.

I am considering re-incarnation, considering death

Tommy this, and Tommy that.

"He was my servant and the better man"

He just fucked off.

Get out as early as you can manage and don't look back

I remember how gas fires hissed, and women with mottled shins

This was Mr McLintock's room

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