Friday, May 30, 2014

More June Flash Blast Prompt

More June Flash Blast Prompts
May 30th, 21:53

I am off for a while to Bombay
When taken at the flood
There was a little more activity outside
Green Beans
They flew out just before four o'clock
Too much information
Her mind wandered and a thought intruded
Never Forget You're Welsh
She pumped the space bar, relighting the screen
The hand-writing on the three receipts did not match
I am bleached by the light
She kept the CDs, a vase, and half the tea-towels
I am thinking of your face in a sea of faces
I found an ear-ring
Rimless Glasses, Silver Hair
I was late getting away. The season doesn't matter
Talking in bed should not be this hard
I wear nylon socks and plastic shoes
Yes they are fangs, but, really, I'm a nice guy
The place is strewn with children

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