Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Feb Blast 013 Prompts



Feb Flash Blast Prompts 012

Tuesday Lunchtime

Another kind of loaf

He had sons, daughters, dogs, a home

New Blood

More than anything she wanted those 2.8

Cook Like a Man

God, basically, doesn't give a shit either way

On the Good Ship Lollipop

Yet more Facebook bullshit

It was light before I pressed the switch

I can count. Look how many fingers I've got

Neighbours, leaning over fences, kids on the floor

The best way to wear an apron, a towel

Can I have a cigarette?

There's no-one here to take your call and I couldn't give a shit.

It is the nature of confinement

It can be hard to lose by not-too-much at Scrabble

I read it in a book, and I saw it in a film

There's a place where they talk in song and not to sing is a crime.

I snore, so?

I would like to be more symmetrical

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