Wednesday, February 05, 2014

February Flash Blast Prompts (Wednesday Morning)


February Flash Blast Prompts (Wednesday Morning)

The sky catches fire and the end is impossibly beautiful

Various tomorrows

With a coarse canvas, always a coarse picture


I think now she goes by the name Tavistock. Or Green

Letter to Noah

We saw a face and a shadow of a face

Downstream of Hell

We will level it

Lemon Drizzle, from the Book

Cold Feet

Take this, a simple flame. Now hold it

Not Reading Derek Walcott

Once there were people here, now moss


Shall I compare thee to a 5% Discount?

46 straight hours with him, but that's not a WEEKEND

Fort Desolation

The women are emerging. They plan to dance

My great grandfather sang. His face was black. Women waited.

Pounding the Ground

It is better with a little more hair

When my wife disappeared, I...

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