Thursday, June 04, 2009

Prompts 4th June 15:25

I am baffled by you
Next door’s cat is shitting in my roses
He’s BEHIND you!
She whispers from the corners of her eyes, looks with a curled lip
They’re all doing a brand-new dance
Boots on white linen
An old man in a rusty wheelchair
Tell the Joker he’s not funny; give the Penguin the bird.

You and your strange ways
A story of lunches and love
The Zombie I met in Tesco
My Auntie is sad because she’s dying. My uncle is sad because he can’t.
Lovely Rita
Vinegar soaking through

I wanted to be a strange girl
Apart from that I am almost healthy
The next time I accidentally smile, tell yourself it’s wind
Eddie has the wrong kind of love in him
I missed last summer. I was in the bath

Ten Million Green Bottles.
Monica Monica Canteen Queen
The sound of padding dogs
As the rain falls, as the rain falls
A young women in an apron dreaming of the higgler
Brown paper, about this wide

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