Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Prompts 07:30 June 3rd

There never is enough water
Everyone will come to their front door
Long dark silence above me

The night of mothers
We should have built our houses higher
Did they speak or sing?
I have lost my tongue
One day when the sun was wicked and the fields stank
Snug as a policeman’s gun
And then my parent’s went, down a gravelled drive
Experts and other liars
In Gillian Clarke’s Porch
An old ewe not worth saving, a barn to pull down
From Bettws I could see her
Monday’s Drowning

Chairs are rising into the sky
They have come for me in a big car with dark windows
My father, reaching out
All things must close, and it wash over
The thing about geometry
On the other pillow
I have been removed from books

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