Monday, June 01, 2009

June "Blast" Come and Join Us

Boot Campers and Facebookers are joining together to "BLAST" their writing for the month of June, share their work non-publicly, and see just how many pieces they can produce in the month.

We have run these blasts before, with great success. We push each other to produce and tell each other that the point is to produce, not worry.

In fact, time and time again we have found that quantity does NOT reduce quality. It does the opposite. The mere act of production and quickly moving on to the next piece makes each piece less threatening. people relax and produce work which is often a cut above their usual standard.

We produce prompts 1-2-3 times a day (here and in Boot Camp and on the BCK Blog)

These can be used singly, mutiply, directly, indirectly or not at all

We post privately via a secretary so that all poems, flashes, shorts are anonymous.

We respond (not usually properly critique [no time] just to note the piece.

We post daily word-counts and cumulative counts and enjoy trying to move up the league table.

I always win. I'm just too good

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