Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Fourth Prompt Set 06:45 Tuesday June 2nd

01 There is someone here

02 Night cramp

03 Stink of dark creature

04 I want to be not in love with you

05 Suspicious-looking trucks parked in dark cul-de-sacs

06 Too many words for snow

07 A cow doesn't do housework or look in a mirror

08 Or a dirty joke

09 There are different kinds of silence

10 I watched it happening on television

11 It's a shame we are not endangered

12 Cherry Red

13 A man and a woman naked, OK as long as it's dark

14 Bully Sea

15 My You-Tube Suicide

16 Old Songs in the Background

17 This should do. Why doesn't it?

18 Festival of Crazies

19 And now she is cleansed

20 Before she was a virgin

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