Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Night Prompts 20:15

The small summer droops

We move at speed

We set out earthen jugs and water

My mother and my father sang, but not together

Again and again, horses, horses, horses

I am in no way eminent though I have dined with kings

I want a girl with white, white skin

It is the same, I think

A Chapel, but no garden and no view

I stole a bullet

I try to remember me, a boy, always forgetting he is dead

Aunties are fat, or stand like brooms, they are never in-between

Fat Moonsky

A bride with anger in her eyes


If all the blood, all the blood, a lake, an ocean?

Tell them about your country

I would die for seeing her

Really, it was being locked away

This is no place for ambition

They will shutter all this up

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