Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fancy a Writing Blast?

Ex-BCers, Current BCers
Suck-it-and See-ers

Today is May 19, it's six full weeks to the end of June, 42 Days

Who wants to aim for some tough targets? A piece a day (minimum)
42 pieces in the 42 days?

It's not tough. It's just a case of ATTITUDE

19-25 May
26-01 May-June
02-08 June
09-15 June
16-22 June
23-30 June

If you are not BC, then you won't have the BC Crit Grid
and we can't promise any critical feedback, but you CAN join in the fun
and see what is possible when working with a motivated group

Or you can sign up with BC for a month with 2 weeks
extra thrown in and got the whole hog

email me alex.keegan(atsign)btinternet.com

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