Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday's Prompts, and a Thought

Here are the prompts for Tuesday.

A good challenge is to use them all IN ORDER. You think that can't produce good stories, can't make art? Of course it can! The art comes from inside you, like a found poem isn't found until it connects with someone's vision, isn't a poem until a unique vessel finds it.

if you try this, you discover something.

Last week I wrote a story which combined a very traumatic experience of my own, a night where I watched a deer being put down, AND all the prompts for a Boot Camp session (but not in order)... The prompts force the breaking of plans, create and recreate turnings. They help you connect to the right side.

If that story doesn't win a decent competition it will be because it has already been published or placed somewhere. For BCers and ex BCers, it scored 118-129 averaging 124.

Here are the prompts...

Achieved by Studying and Understanding
At night it sits in an armchair
Beating the national target
Black bees worry the purple flowers
By Developing New Systems
Changing Practice
Deep in the reek
Desecrates the violet patch
Discharging Patients Home
Far removed from fragranced linen
Gratification that is almost erotic
Held back by calendar months
How a Patient Moves
I have an urge to take off my clothes
I kneel amongst mushroom mulch
It wears shoes
Of rot and decay.
On the rosemary.
Orange blossom paves the ground
Picks my best roses when I’m not looking.
Pull the last weed
Roll in the humus sniff of summer
Seeing, Treating, and Admitting
Sheer Hard Work
The smell of baking pies.
The top league in the country
The Trust is in
The Whole-Health Community
There is a ghost right here in this garden
Third Best in the Country
Waits for me to fetch its supper.
Where winter ghosts are stored.
With scattered snow.
Within Four Hours of Arrival
Yet there is pleasure in the organic smell

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