Friday, March 23, 2007

A Few Prompts and a Heads Up

Take a look when you can at The BootCamp Diaries (see link on the right).

The URL is

It's more than possible that daily prompts from BC will appear there. You can also pick up a flavour of the daily activity that goes on there, how members cope with the ups and downs of being a writer.

Here are the Poetry Prompts. Story prompts at the other place

I CHALLENGE Caroline today, and you JOEL.

one of these, or the wrath of Khan

1 A poem with Magic, Beginner(s), Link, a colour.

2 A poem about infidelity that doesn't mention man, woman, husband, wife, or the infidelity

3 A poem or short poetic flash that incorporates and makes different, a nursery rhyme

4 Write a poem that inverts its meaning by the end.

5 Write a what-am-I poem (a poem that describes something and the reader has to work out what) One of these about an anchor, won Bridport one year.

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