Saturday, March 31, 2007

Prompts & a Reminder

These were the story prompts for Saturday 31st, but see below, they are also poetry prompts

PLEASE NOTE that the bootcampkeegandiaries (see link on right) is where BC members post their ongoing Boot Camp experiences andwhere we are also posting prompts, hits etc.

As a lot of today's story-prompts are lines from poems, they are today's poetry prompts too.

try TWO poems, one inspired by, another using (some) actual lines and combining to create new meanings

There is a whole RAFT of good poetry comps this month so GET WRITING

Time wasted and time spent, daytime with used up wit.


Will you take a seat? The war will soon be over.


I read of a thousand killed.

My Grandfather's Skull

Thick wool is muslin tonight and the wire scorches stone-cold shoulder


in the red darkness, through the filtered light


There is a SUPREME BEING (in the ethnological section)...

Why Tuesdays are Different


Wher pink thighs flash like the spokes of a wheel

Melt My Medals, Build Something

I offer you my forests and my street cries


The man who sold aircraft carriers

The Elecdtronic Nature of Desire

our mother is in the night, into the day we flow

Romeo, Romeo, ar you coming or not fer fuck's sake!

in the stump of the ol tree where the heart has rotted out

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