Thursday, March 15, 2007

Positives in Negatives

Loads of family problems this year with two family members hospitalised and me lined up for an op in the not too distant future. It never rains but it fucking pisses down.

But a recent hospital visit gave me so much material I could have wept for joy (if I hadn't been so sad).

(Well I know what I mean)

And the sense of mortality has suddenly invigorated me. In a week, despite all these "travails" I've managed to blow the cobwebs off this place, critique a dozen stories (and I mean CRITIQUE, not post a platitude) write three stories (about 8,000 words) a flash and a poem, a few pages on the novel, get 22 submissions out, pick up a hit, and have a load of fun comparing writing sites.

I've hugged my son, my daughter, my wife and not had a single cyber hug.

I dunno, but somehow, flesh is more real than <<<<<>>>>>>

Isn't that quaint of me?


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