Thursday, February 16, 2006

On Fire!

Much quieter on the subs front, but hey, don't knock it, I've hit a purple patch writing-wise.

A little while back I said never give into the idea of block, just write something, anything. Well, I felt empty of good ideas, ideas for a serious longer short, so rather than have a fallow time, I decided to write up some biographical stuff.

And despite one full day away, and other calls on my time, I am so far up to 50,877 for the month, of which 39,650 is this autobiographical work.

The good thing is that high-activity tends to fire off other stuff.

Meanwhile a few more small hits and the Boot Campers are now on 12 for the month, with 6 Prizes, the level of two of them still TBA

Keep Writing!


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