Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Forth Bridge

Finally caught up with my outstanding critiques in Boot Camp.

Almost caught up with the admin!

So far this year we've had

120 Flashes
020 Poems
035 Stories

This is a new round of stories so they are not all critiqued but so far we have 233 critiques, an average of 6.66 (the mark!) per story, which will rise past 8.

These are proper critiques, not casual remarks!

The 140 Flashes/Poems have so far received 430 critical comments. (much shorter)

No wonder I feel tired. I've logged 27 story critiques and 101 Flash crits, plus about ten more crits of non-BC stories.

And the (ha-ha) good news is, there's a Frantic Flash this weekend with another 20-40 Flashes to judge.


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