Thursday, February 02, 2006

Off the Mark for February

Late Night News

Newbie CLT tells us she has had 3 Micro-shorts accepted (one hit) and "Cally" tells us she is in the final for "Belvedere" (Results TBA) this with another CIN Flash. And I have a little thing, more an essay than a story, a reflection on The Race For Life, last Summer. That is up at Smokebox with a couple of other BCers.

Cally tells us she has a story out in print, the latest Aesthetica (12) our 30th actual publication of the year

And the work is starting to come in too. Half a dozen stories, half a dozen flashes, 20 crits and 18 Subs

Bookings for this weekend's Frantic Flash are just starting to land, 9 so far, so sign up folks!


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