Monday, February 06, 2006

Another BC Finalist

Heard today that another BC story is in a final, results TBA. They keep trickling in...

Miserable today because my computer is acting up. I find that particular "problem" the worst. I simply loathe DOUBT and deal with it very badly. If a car lets me down I get rid asap. Wish that wasn't so expensive. Last year I lost a load of stories (Back-up? What's that?) and after a lot of searching was still "out" half-a-dozen.

Studying other arts recently, and discovered some interesting "eye-openers" concerning painting. Now this weekend discovered more (still to be fully realised) about music.

My daughter is learning piano and saxophone and studies music theory. We were driving back and discussing all those extras in music that mean "play sadly", "play happily" and so on.

And I asked, "but why isn't that on the page as the music itself?" and my daughter explained that you can play a scale sadly or happily. Oh!

But this made me realise that what I call "creating a mode of acceptance" (in the reader) (who we can hardly instruct) is so important.

Watch this space for how music, painting and writing might yet come together in 1-2 articles.

Reading Frantic Flash Entries today. Finalists soon


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