Sunday, October 18, 2020

 Prompts from Sunday Morning

01 A story beginning: “Someone has to wash the Fuhrer’s Clothes.”

02 Pecorino

03 A better angle, better light, for videoing beheadings

04 Cardboard, iron, Plastic

05 I am not impressed by your vows


06 No Asylum, you are too fat.

07 No disrespect intended

08 I am a right angle: You are Obtuse

09 Play Michael Jackson’s THRILLER on repeat and write

10 Some has excited the Italians again.


11 I am a novice. Can you help me?

12 June Smith is busting out all over

13 Bill Benson’s six-legged dog

14 Long-Covid

15 I don’t like Olives, except from the Chef


16 The squaw in her Wigwam

17 Cheeses Christ

18 I’m from Maryland. Here is sane.

19 A Penny for the Black Babies, Miss!

20 WW2 on Facebook


21 Ernest likes washing dishes. Ignore him!

22 We have oil lamps, but no oil

23 This is in honour of something, but nobody remembers

24 Can I have your pin?

25 When old songs were new, were old song’s the best?

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