Thursday, October 15, 2020

October 15th
Third Set of Prompts
16:18 UK Time

01 On a sheet of cream paper 
02 Call me joy 
03 The weather in the wires 
04 Doing Herod’s work 
05 Believe me, this is not a dream 

06 In your next letter, try not to lie 
07 The fork and knife dancing 
08 We live in days 
09 The Platypus is False News 
10 Jesus, Mary and Joseph! 

11 The soundlessness of soft snow 
12 The trouble with rubble 
13 Dogs barking 
14 That way, this way, that way, this 
15 Bright as life, heavy as dying 

16 They are blue, kill them! 
17 It was long ago, on a dusty road 
18 Paint inside the lines 
19 Saddam 
20 If none were innocent, what then? 

21 Mother, please fuck off 
22 Things I love, things I will destroy 
23 Two Little Boys, Rolf, Two Little Boys 
24 I found a poem all cut up 
25 A dance for one-legged men

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