Wednesday, October 21, 2020

 Wednesday 21 October 10:39


01 There are nuns selling grass in the street

02 Candles of ear-wax, taken from the dead

03 Compound Interest

04 This feels like sideways

05 Dining with Lions


06 I wake, sixty, staring at the ceiling

07 Some king or other, a pervert

08 The apothecary’s daughter

09 Do it very softly, in the shadows

10 She put her head too far out


11 Tell me, are you left or right?

12 DUMP!

13 Grandma lights the settee

14 The brain, of course, is muscle

15 I like railway timetables, Almanacs


16 I am not from these islands

17 Chicken Slime, Bile

18 The Ceremony called “Washing Dishes”

19 Tapioca is an anagram of Erotica

20 Wie gets man das koncentrationslager?


21 You took too much of my life

22 The stain from wet newsprint


24 Throw a stick, catch a ball

25 Imagine a hat. Executed.


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