Friday, October 07, 2011

A Small Good Thing (2)

Capel Cader Idris.

How very small is this world!

Yesterday at Birkbeck University (London) we had a gap in lectures and adjourned to the student bar.

The small group had individuals from Barcelona, Eritrea, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Poland, and WALES.

Talking to "Ivan" ("I am from Barthelona") it turned out he had been to Llwyngwril in North Wales, where I legally reside in Capel Cader idris! Ivan had traveled on the little coastal railway (we actually have a station), so he could walk places like this:

As Llwyngwril is so tiny, I was amazed.

We talked writing and Ivan is a huge fan of RAYMOND CARVER and, in particular, Carver's "A Small Good Thing"

It would be nice to discuss that story here.

Any takers?

Once in Boot Camp we talked live for three hours and were still on the first page!

How do you feel about the way Gordon Lish OVER-edited Carver's work? How much better are Ray's stories when they "relax" a l;ittle bit?

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